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Martha’s Kitchen

This month’s Martha Stewart Living had a fascinating article about Martha’s kitchen.  It was a fascinating look into the culinary life of a very Type A person who has taste I like and cooks good food.  So I found it both relatable and interesting – and voyeuristically hilarious/ridiculous!

Love the open shelving and the gray paint…

Love the hanging pot rack, double island (one of them has wheels so it can be moved to accomodate parties or projects or whatnot), more open shelving in the islands, and the beautiful marble tops.  Find very amusing: the plates/bowls of decorative food she leaves out – I’m sorry, I just don’t buy that one would use pears or artichokes so frequently that they’d be countertop staples (as it implied in the article).  And that’s an obscene amount of garlic to have in one house.  Seriously.  I use a lot of garlic but I never have more than 2 bulbs around or they start sprouting before I can use them!

Love this built-in cabinet she designed – the glass is nice because you can still see the contents, which is the effect of the open shelving, but the contents are protected from dust.

This I found equal parts reassuring and ridiculous: I have quite a few spatulas and do own two whisks and sometimes wish I had a third…so it’s good to see she has multiples of utensils also.  But she has LOTS of multiples – look how many pastry brushes!  And wooden spoons!  And ladles!  So funny…

But truly, it is an awesome kitchen, both in style and function.  I ripped the whole article out to save for ideas when we build my dream kitchen…whenever that  may be! 🙂


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Color in the Kitchen

In decorating, I constantly feel pulled between very clean, white, neutral, modern, sparse looks and lots and lots of bright color.  Maybe it’s two competing sides of my personality, the side that loves organization and the side that craves adventure.

I saw this kitchen in the recent issue of House Beautiful, and was immediately drawn to it for the way it combines my two loves in the kitchen – lots of white and lots of color!  The cabinetry is all done in high gloss white – and oh how I love the shine of high gloss.  I am sure you could overdo it, but I’d love to use it in unexpected places in our dream house – like  a pale, pale, bluish white in high gloss on a ceiling, or copying this idea, using it in the kitchen.  I also like the marble countertops here, which I don’t always like.  But the continuation of white really adds to the clean look. 

But to keep things from getting too boring, they used this awesome blue glass tile on an entire wall!  The glass tile gives a great shimmer and interest to the room and that color POPS!  For some reason I love the idea of doing a wall like this in a really funky bright pear green.  I have a lot of bright right accessories in the kitchen, and I think the off green and the bright red (as long as you keep it from being Christmasy) would be very cozy in the kitchen!

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In my dream kitchen…

I am one of those Type A people that rips pages out of magazines with decorating ideas – and file them in a labeled binder.  I realize that is not totally normal.  But I like having the ideas on hand, especially while I’m storing up lots of them that I can’t do anything about at the moment, mainly because we don’t own a house yet.  And one of the major categories to which I am always adding is the kitchen.

There are so many things I love to think about for my dream kitchen – in fact, so many I think maybe it’s a GOOD thing that I have a few years to really think this through!  There are color schemes, layout, details like cabinetry (I LOVE those pull out drawers to keep your pantry more accessible) and of course the appliances.  In my dream kitchen, will I have a big fancy gas stove w/ two ovens and tons of gas burners?  Or get a griddle or deep fryer to replace a couple of the burners?  Or go for the double wall oven set up, with the stove top separate?  And what about the induction cook top, which I suspect will only gain in popularity at home over the next few years (it’s a flat top like the electric ones and so easy to clean, but it works with magnetic induction and is apparently the easiest type of heat to manage, because it heats up and cools down quickly).  Lots of things to think about!

One of my current favorite ideas is open shelving and cabinetry.  I really love functional decorating – the beauty of simple every day objects, placed where they are used, is very appealing to me.  I think this idea works best when you have a streamlined color scheme – and the easiest is white.  I love my sturdy, simple, classic white dishes from Williams Sonoma – food looks great on plain white!  I think they would look awesome stacked on open shelves, within easy grabbing distance.  And I love our plain glasses – my new everyday juice and water glasses (SO cheap!) from CB2 look very striking in their simplicity.  We have Reidel wine glasses, both stemmed and stemless, though I love the look and the ease of the stemless ones, which we put right in the dishwasher.  These also have beautiful lines that I think would show really well either on an open shelf or suspended upside down in one of those special glass shelves.  I have mainly white and glass serving dishes, which also complement this scheme.  And then a few natural woven baskets would provide some nice texture…

Below is an example of the look I love – and here I especially love the back of the shelves is painted that light blue, so the white dishes really pop!  Isn’t it neat how something as functional as everyday dishes can look like art?  Somehow we’ll need to incorporate this concept into my dream kitchen (someday…)!

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