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I had pinned this recipe for Pistachio-Citrus Pound Cake from Orangette to save for sometime when I had citrus fruits to use up, and yesterday was the day. She never steers me wrong, especially when it comes to sweets. Though it calls for lime and orange zest, and lemon and orange juices, I think you could be a little flexible with which fruits you used – I added a little lime juice in place of some orange juice just because I love the lime flavor. Citrus works equally well for cold or warm weather flavors, so it’s really a year-round cake.

The cake is very dense and buttery but the citrus keeps it fresh and light. It’s a DELICIOUS cake. Good for packing in lunches or picnics, I’d imagine, because it will hold up well. Great with coffee or tea for breakfast or snack. I’m sure you could dress it up with whipped cream and berries for a fancier dessert but honestly (and it’s not often I say this), it doesn’t really need it! I’m happily adding this to my file for anytime I need to use up some lemons, or when only a tasty tea cake will do.


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