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Chicken Shortcut

We rarely ate chicken in our house until recently, because Michael and I both found that boneless, skinless breasts would get too dried out and we don’t like the taste of leftover chicken. That’s changed recently as we finally got a grill (yay!) and since I’ve started buying rotisserie chickens from the grocery store. We eat lots of soups and stews in the winter, so this is becoming a relevant shortcut again, and I thought I’d share. I pick up a fully cooked (moist, flavorful, delicious) chicken from the grocery store and pick all the white meat off. I either put it in a freezer bag and freeze til needed or dump right into whatever I’m making, if making that day. It’s important to remember the chicken is already fully cooked, so it only needs to warm up in the soup – don’t let it simmer on high for very long or it will toughen up. If it’s not overcooked, it will taste SO much better than if you’d made it yourself in several extra steps!

I have found that the best price and biggest size birds are at Costco. I now pick up a couple every time I go and get them into the freezer as soon as I get home so that I always have some on hand. You can also get the chickens on sale at Harris Teeter every Sunday. I think Whole Foods might have a sale day on them as well… If I had more freezer room, I’d use the remaining chicken parts to make a really delicious stock for the freezer, but until I have a separate storage freezer, that’s unlikely to happen. 

Two of my favorite recipes for using this prepared chicken are Ina’s Mexican Chicken Soup and this awesome recipe for West African Peanut Stew (I add the chicken and a can of chickpeas, neither of which is called for).


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