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I believe this makes my third butternut squash soup recipe…but they are so easy, cheap and healthy that it’s worth it to keep collecting them! I found this one via Pinterest, which does not always work out, but I think it’s a keeper. Mainly because it’s so incredibly EASY. Most soup bases have a little more chopping and stirring but other than roasting the butternut squash (about five minutes of actual prep) and sauteeing some onions, all you do is dump stuff in. I love the coconut milk in it, which adds a different flavor and makes it slightly sweet – my todder GOBBLED it up! Three cheers for an easy, kid-friendly, highly-flavored weeknight soup.

Note: I used two small sized whole butternuts squashes, halved and roasted, chicken stock instead of vegetable stock because I had it on hand, and only one can of the coconut milk. I also did not add the extra coconut flakes to the soup.


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