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Tomato Tatin

It wasn’t pretty (I didn’t have the correct size and shape of pan or the correct puff pastry) but it was GOOD…this recipe for Tomato Tatin is a keeper! A tatin is typically a French cake which is made by baking fruit in a caramel sauce with a batter poured over. After it’s baked, you invert the pan onto a plate and the fruit is gooey and golden with cake underneath. The same concept is applied to tomatoes – layered with chopped olives and caramelized onions (I’ll reserve a 1/2 cup next time for another recipe, as there were more than necessary, and I like to use them in salads or on pizzas) and then topped with a pre-made puff pastry. The flavors were awesome, so summery and Provencal. We enjoyed this with my parents as a lovely summer meal with roasted potatoes, cut fruit and an orzo salad. Exactly how we like to eat in warm weather! I will make this again soon and hope it turns out prettier, though I’m confident it will be yummy.


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