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We tried this amazing smoked mozzarella from Chapel Hill Creamery on a pizza before and we loved it. So on our latest trip to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market, I got a craving to try it again. This time we combined the smokey, chewy, flavorful cheese with fresh asparagus, and it was a killer combination.

My pizza is more like a flatbread, and is layered as follows: Trader Joe’s pizza dough, rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt (only a little since this cheese is pretty salty) and pepper, layered with generic mozzarella (specifically Harris Teeter’s 5 Cheese Italian blend), topped with slices of the smoked mozzarella and trimmed asparagus spears.

The directions on the TJ’s dough says to cook the pizza at 375, but some friends of  mine recently made the same pizza dough and baked it at a much higher temp and I thought it was a big improvement – much crispier and fluffier crust. So I’d recommend baking this at 425 for a shorter period of time (ours takes about 12-15 min).


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Foster’s Blondies

One of the highlights of living in the Durham/Chapel Hill area is Foster’s Market. I had known about Sara Foster from reading her recipes in Cottage Living (wipe tear for the demise of that awesome magazine) – every time I made something from that recipe that I liked, it was one of her recipes. I was so excited when my husband told me that she actually has a couple cafe’s in North Carolina. The first morning we woke up in North Carolina, we went to Foster’s Market in Chapel Hill so I could gleefully check out her fabulous foods in person. It continues to be a great treat for us to go to Foster’s for breakfast or lunch – it was even our first meal out with our daughter after her two week check up.

I already have her Fresh Every Day cookbook and have really enjoyed it. Then we had the coconut macaroons on a recent visit – and oh my goodness was that cookie AMAZING!!! I had to find out which cookbook the recipe was in so I could make them at home as soon as possible. Happily for me the recipe is in Sara’s first book, The Foster’s Market Cookbook, and even more happily my sister sent it to me for my birthday! Hooray!

I’m getting to the coconut macaroons tomorrow…and will share the recipe and some pics! But the first recipe I made were these UNBELIEVABLE Blondies. We grilled out with friends the other night and I wanted to make a dessert but did not want to go to the grocery store. I had all the ingredients for these in my pantry, and really love good blondies, so I decided to give them a try. Ooooooh am I glad I did! A really good blondie is hard to find, I think – they can taste more like a chocolate chip cookie bar, which is fine, but not that exciting. These were perfect – even though we overcooked them, they were still really chewy and REALLY caramely, exactly how you would want a blondie to taste! There is a ridiculous amount of brown sugar in the recipe – 4 cups!!! – and no white sugar, so I’m sure that’s what gives it such a deep rich nuttiness.

This recipe fills a half-sheet pan (one of the most useful tools in my kitchen, for baking, roasting and all kinds of other uses) so it makes a huge amount, but I popped the unused half in the freezer and am sure they’ll be just as delicious the second time around.

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