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Martha’s Kitchen

This month’s Martha Stewart Living had a fascinating article about Martha’s kitchen.  It was a fascinating look into the culinary life of a very Type A person who has taste I like and cooks good food.  So I found it both relatable and interesting – and voyeuristically hilarious/ridiculous!

Love the open shelving and the gray paint…

Love the hanging pot rack, double island (one of them has wheels so it can be moved to accomodate parties or projects or whatnot), more open shelving in the islands, and the beautiful marble tops.  Find very amusing: the plates/bowls of decorative food she leaves out – I’m sorry, I just don’t buy that one would use pears or artichokes so frequently that they’d be countertop staples (as it implied in the article).  And that’s an obscene amount of garlic to have in one house.  Seriously.  I use a lot of garlic but I never have more than 2 bulbs around or they start sprouting before I can use them!

Love this built-in cabinet she designed – the glass is nice because you can still see the contents, which is the effect of the open shelving, but the contents are protected from dust.

This I found equal parts reassuring and ridiculous: I have quite a few spatulas and do own two whisks and sometimes wish I had a third…so it’s good to see she has multiples of utensils also.  But she has LOTS of multiples – look how many pastry brushes!  And wooden spoons!  And ladles!  So funny…

But truly, it is an awesome kitchen, both in style and function.  I ripped the whole article out to save for ideas when we build my dream kitchen…whenever that  may be! 🙂


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More Ina?? YES PLEASE!

So in perusing Amazon for replacement breast pump parts today (ah yes, the excitement our life has been reduced to!), the site was so kind as to recommend a book to me that immediately caught my eye – a NEW Barefoot Contessa cookbook!  How can this be, you may ask, when her Back to Basics came out only 2 years ago?  But YES it seems to be true!  The seventh cookbook from my cooking icon is on its way to my kitchen, scheduled to be delivered on the release date of October 26th.  HOORAY!!!

Let’s be honest here: I probably would have bought this cookbook for any reason, at any time – I own all six of her previous ones.  But this is especially appealing because it looks like shorter, easier recipes meant for quick cooking.  PERFECT for someone with a new baby!  It also looks like it’s got a lot of tips and I love her tips and have adapted many as a matter of principle in my kitchen.

I will admit, the cynical part of me (a very small part) wonders if she’s just cashing in on her celebrity to put out yet another book.  But the truth is that her recent books have still been awesome – her last cookbook, Back to Basics (her sixth) has some of my all-time favorite recipes, as did #5, At Home.  There would seem to be an endless amount of Ina to go around!  I will be sure to let you all know my verdict once I get the book and read through it.

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…the newest foodie in our household, our daughter Molly!  She was born August 25, which is my excuse for no posting up til now and most likely very little to come over the next few weeks.  There’s mainly one type of eating going on in our house and this food isn’t made in the kitchen!  I hope as we settle in to our new life with this little cutie that I’ll get back to some cooking and be able to share more recipes with you – -probably fast ones!  And now that we have our great camera, there should be better pics, too!

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